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Taylors Valley is a unique community located in south Washington County Virginia. As the train made its way through the mountains and along the Whitetop Laurel Creek the train passed through this quiet community.

Taylors Valley is located just south of Creek Junction where the lumber trains would turn to go out to Hassinger Lumber Company. Taylors Valley offered the rail line a rail yard for organizing the train bound for market.

The Hassinger brothers came to the valley in the early 1900s to set up a saw mill to continue their fathers business. They set up the first mill in Konnarock Va just beyond Taylors Valley. At its height Hassinger Lumber cut lumber in Washington County Va, Ashe County, NC and into Watauga County, NC.At one time the Hassinger Lumber Co. had over 20 logging camps throughout the valleys.

The train car along the trail in Taylors Valley is a camping car left behind. Railroad executives used the car when they traveled here to hunt and fish.

The depot that was located in Taylors Valley was a unique building with a second floor which was the living quarters for the station manager.

Today bike riders are still welcomed by the Creeper Trail Cafe' with hearty food & beverages.

used by permission of the Norfolk Southern Archives