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The Virginia Creeper Trail is this state's premiere bike trail located in the beautiful back country of Southwest Virginia. Running 35 miles from Abingdon VA to the North Carolina state line; this trail offers each visitor an unforgettable adventure. The 'Creeper Trail' as it is more popularly known, was once the Abingdon Branch of the Norfolk & Western Railroad during the romance period of the American steam engine. The trains brought goods, freight, mail and passengers to the area and brought out lumber harvested from the mountain hills throughout the region.

Sometimes when a photography project comes along, the planning, the patience, the design comes easy to some and is more difficult for others. Sometimes you look back over the last ten years and you realize that you have a large body of work and you declare it a project. I have been riding this trail for the last ten years and with few exceptions, my camera has been with me each trip. I have spent hours exploring the trail and the surrounding area of this beautiful region in Virginia. My first encounter with this line was in 1966, at the age of 11, when my family traveled from Winston-Salem, NC to West Jefferson to enjoy an autumn train excursion to Abingdon, VA and on to Bristol VA. I hope you will enjoy the following pages and galleries as I share my photography and my love for this area.

Above Left: What is now bridge 21 shown in this archive photo compares to the one I took in a few years ago. This bridge was washed out by flood waters in  2001 and the bridge on the right was rebuilt in its place. Wash outs like this was a cause in terminating the rail service.
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